Best Hainan Chicken Rice in Miri Town

What attract us to come over this coffee shop is its Hainan Chicken rice. The best Hainan Chicken Rice can be found in Miri town is Fu Du Chicken Rice (富都鸡饭),currently it has changed the name to (品味茶室). The coffee shop is located near to the KFC in Miri town.

The Best Hainan Chicken Rice in Miri Town

The reason is really simple, because its rice were above average tasting at best. Chicken rice with thigh selling at RM3.50 per plate. And true to my friend’s words, the flavorful rice is indeed very delicious that it can be enjoyed even on its own without the chicken. Seriously, we did not expect that the rice could taste so good. The chicken meat was soft and smooth as you can see from the photos.

Also, the chili sauce was impressive as well with a bit sourish from the lime juice really wonderful to be served with the Chicken Rice together with a small bowl of soup. Finding a parking place can be difficult especially during the lunch time.