38°c Magice Snow now at Senadin Miri

38°c Magice Snow is a Senadin’s newly opened store that has a variety of popsicles, ranging from Rm2 to Rm5/stick, as well as lemon and mango-flavored bubble ice.

Location: The shop on the side of the Senadin water park, at the corner of the shop, facing the road.
Business hours: 10:00 am to 10:00 pm (Time provided by netizens, if there is something wrong, please let me know, thank you)

~38°c Magice Snow~ Senadin新开的店,有卖各种口味的冰棒,价钱于Rm2至Rm5/枝 (soft opening price),也有柠檬口味与芒果口味的泡泡冰。Updated: Now back to normal price.

地点:Senadin 水上乐园那边的店,72茶室同排角头间,面向马路。

(Images via/courtesy of Jesica Sim)