Ah Bui Chicken Night Food at 101 Commercial Centre

Ah Bui Chicken at 101 Commercial Centre started to have a night food! ! ! It’s a good deal to eat their family package for three or four people! !

Only RM29.90 can eat half chicken (option of roast chicken or steamed chicken), then you can also choose “bean spouts or small kale”, “steamed egg or minced meat tofu”, “lemon ice or lemon tea ice”! ! Super cost-effective!

Usual time: 9am in the morning to 9pm in the evening
Family Package: 5pm to 9pm

101的“Ah Bui Chicken” 昨天晚上就开始有开晚上了!!!来吃他们的三四人份的家庭套餐,很划算哦!!才RM29.90就可以吃到半只鸡(可选烧鸡或白斩鸡), 然后还可以选“豆芽 or 小芥兰”,“蒸蛋 or 肉碎豆腐”, “柠檬冰 or 柠檬茶冰”!!

业余时间:早上9am to 晚上9pm
家庭套餐:5pm to 9pm

(Images via/courtesy of Yorohiko Chung)