Top 10 Best and Delicious Durians You Must Try

Which durians have you tasted yet? According to durian hunters in Malaysia, Penang produces some of the world’s best delicious durians with Lobster grades price. The most common heard one I guessed it must be the Raja Kunyit or Musang King. Besides that, there are many more delicious durians you should not miss to try once in your life.

Following are the top 10 best and delicious durians you must try:

1. Musang King  (Mao Shan Wang or 猫山王)
Golden yellow colour flesh. Rich with thick flesh, and has a very small seed. The best Musang King was originated from Pahang, a state in Malaysia. It has has a fragrance smell and creamy taste.

2. Udang Merah (Ang Hae) D 175
Udang Merah usually has a short thorns and comes in long oval shape. Its dark yellow flesh has sweet and creamy taste with soft texture.

3. D600
The D600 durian has a little taste of bitter but it is creamy and sweet with rough texture. The durian usually comes in medium sized with green colour skin.

4. D101
Delicious fine texture with the colour like a red buttery flesh is a creamy durian too. The thorns of this durian is very sharp with long oval shaped and golden coloured husk.

5. Ho Lor durian
Ho Lor is also a durian comes in a medium-sized and has a long oval shaped of skin. The flesh of this durian in yellow colour, taste a bit solid feel, but it is soft and has a quality taste of sweet and creamy. Tasty enough!

6. ThRaka (竹脚)
ThRaka is a durian known as 竹脚 in Chinese. This type of durian is also very popular in the market due to its small seed, Sweet & acrid taste. The fragrant smell is strong and taste good.

7. XO Durian
XO is a special durian that you might like or hate, It was named after the alcoholic after taste which lingers longer in your mouth than its bitter taste, the aril of this durian is soft and loose too.

8. Penang D24
Another Malaysian’s top famous durian called D24 is always delicious with bright yellow colours, strongly-flavored and soft-firm creamy sweet-bitter taste. Although, it is difficult to find sometimes. The export durians.

9. Amy Yip
The name Amy Yip was named after a buxomy Hong Kong actress because of her assets. This type of durian has irregular spherical shape skin with long thorns. It has a sweet taste with about 1-4 cloves per pod!

10. Kulit Hijau
The colour of Kulit Hijau’s flesh is yellowish white in colour. Similar to Lipas Kuning, it has a sweet and creamy taste. ‘Kulit Hijau’ means green Skin, the name was from its bright green thorny skins.