TCOFF Cafe Opening beside GK Supermarket Pujut Miri

Dear valued TCOFF Cafe customers, we have some big news! WE ARE MOVING! Thank You all for your love & support which we could not have done without. We cant wait to introduce our new menu and serving you again soon.

Much love from us at TCOFF

Alhamdulillah… bismillah dah nait papan tcoff cafe..

Bahang demam roti kacang bakar dan nasi lemak semakin terasa.

Tcoff ice coffee
Rose latte
Caramel latte

Antara pilihan hebat yang selalu orang tapau.

Nachos cheese tarik…
Spice Chicken Nasi Lemak.

The chicken that was fried with the chicken once.

The most powerful is sambal nasi lemak.

Thank God I got orders from the customers of spice chicken nasi lemak.

Rice that feels fat coconut milk and fragrant pandan.

Who misses grilled peanut bread??

Rose latte?

Fresh brew coffee + aroma rose


Beside GK Supermarket Pujut Miri

We are tcoff cafe, a humble coffee cafe based in miri. We are conveniently located at GK supermarket pujut 2.

(Images info/via/courtesy of Tcoff)