Taiwan Sweet Potatoes Ball now in Tanjung Beach Miri

Ah Kam’s Sweet Potatoes Ball, Miri’s first authentic Taiwanese sweet potato ball “Ah Kam’s Sweet Potatoes Ball” at Tanjung Beach in Miri.

Miri has delicious snacks again!
Miss the Taiwan’s sweet potato balls? Now you can eat the same taste of sweet potato balls in Miri.

Open today. Delicious sweet potato balls are sold in limited quantities if you want to eat. If you have a friend who wants to make a reservation, you can inform the reservation time in advance, and you can prepare to drive thru to take it away.

Venue: Tanjung Beach in Miri (next to 月半烧烤)
Time: 4:30pm-Limited.

Later there will be more various snacks after another
Authentic Taiwanese snacks.

(Images via/courtesy of Mun Li)