RM 10 Chicken Chop found in Miri

Went to try the RM 10 Chicken Chop in Miri. They added new items to the menu recently, like Salted Egg series – Salted Egg Chicken Chop Rice and Salted Egg Fries. It’s sinful but delicious! They also have spaghetti, but only with tomato sauce for now, priced at RM 15.

You can check the restaurant’s daily promotion post in instagram. The original price for the chicken chop is RM 16, and the sparkling water is RM 7. Now, you can get both for RM 15! Getting a RM 10 chicken chop with a RM 5 drink, really impressed. Just a heads up, the promo starts at 5 pm this time on Monday.

Address: Dizzy Bar and Bistro
nearby Restaurant Muara,
Desa Bahagia, Miri.

(Images: Sylvia Ngu)