Ringgit Drops to 10-Years-Low Against Brunei and Singapore Dollars

The exchange rate of Ringgit Malaysia to Singapore Dollar hits RM2.60 today (end of August 2013), the lowest record in 10 years.  Higher currency of Singapore Dollar drives more Singaporeans to come to Malaysia.

Lower Ringgit exchange caused new trends, in addition to lead Singapore consumer visitors to Johor Bahru, about 400,000 Malaysians working at Singapore also benefited from that, the Malaysian people income followed the “rising tide lifts all boats”. As a result, spending power has increased, businesses in Johor are booming. This is the same here as in Miri City where Brunei people really benefit a lot from the higher exchange rate since both Singapore and Brunei countries are having the same exchange rate.

Ringgit Malaysia to Singapore Brunei Dollar

One or two months if the Malaysia Ringgit falls continuously, eventually housing prices will also rise due to the increase of construction costs.