Pork Satay found in Miri City

So delicious satay sure you would want to eat it again. Location at Krokop small roundabout nearby McD, there is a stall selling satay.

Especially for pork satay, there are very few places where you can eat pork satay that is so flavorful, and both pork and chicken are very soft.

Personally, I love the pork satay which is topped with sauce. I ate it at the stall and tapao it home again. I didn’t expect that a whole 40 satay can be eaten in one go. This is the first time that I can eat so much satay at home.

The addition of cucumber and red onion with their sauce is really a perfect match!
Might as well try

地点: Oinks Bbq (Krokop Fruits heaven 同排)

(Images/info via/courtesy of Michelle Lim Yieng Hung)