Pork Nasi Lemak at Kopi Permy Miri

Today’s lunch is for this Nasi Lemak and Orang Ulu Cuisine. It’s a great honor to taste this pork curry (Orang Ulu Cuisine) curry juice. Friends who like curry can have the opportunity to try it. Nasi Lemak has one serving of Pork and another serving of chicken. Sambal is good and there is a cute little salted fish which is very appetizing, friends who want to try can come over!

(PS: I like their Teh C)
Location: Kopi Permy
Kopi Permy is easily seen in the same row in the ISO furniture store.

今天午餐是为了这个Nasi Lemak 和 Orang Ulu Cuisine而来,荣幸可以品尝到这个pork curry(Orang Ulu Cuisine)curry汁香浓喜欢curry的朋友可以有机会来试看,Nasi Lemak 一份是Pork另份是鸡肉,sambal不错还有只可爱的小咸鱼很开胃,饭是黄饭,吃的很饱,想试看的朋友们可以过来
(PS:本人喜欢她家的Teh C)
地点 : Kopi Permy
在ISO 家私店同排,同时寻找国际眼睛店也容易看到 Kopi Permy.

(Images/info via/courtesy of Sharen Chia)