OINK OINK Burger in Miri City

A stall in Miri City selling pork burger!
Excellent Pork Satay! Juicy wet burger! Friendly owners!

Great service, great food make your tummy happy… totally worthy!

Ultimate creampie! Homemade Pork Burger!


Pork Satay.

Sold out fast.

New Record!!!! 12 on the row.


New menu?
double patties, double eggs, extra vege, extra tomato, cheese, extra mayonnaise and extra onions.

You booking?

Address: OINK OINK Burger
Lorong 4-2B, Jalan Dato Permaisuri 5A, Desa Pujut 1 Permyjaya
Miri, Sarawak 98000

(Images via/courtesy of OINK OINK Burger)