Nyonya Lunch now at Boulevard Restaurant Miri

Boulevard Restaurant 11am-2pm every day! Recommended Nyonya lunch (also with local flavor), 2 dishes and 2 meats, RM8.80+ per person, there are 5 different kinds of meat and 5 kinds of vegetables to choose from every day.

富丽华大酒家每天11am-2 pm ,
推介娘惹午餐(也有本地风味),2 菜2 肉,每人RM8.80+,每天有不同的5样肉类和5 样蔬菜供选择。
(感谢Mr Albert Sii 专业美丽高水准的相片)

Address: Boulevard Restaurant Miri
Lot 222.8, Block 5, Seberkas Commercial Centre, Jalan Pujut-Lutong, 98000 Miri, Sarawak.
085-659 176