Creative Signboards found in Marina Miri City

Mutual respect and mutual support can achieve each other! Always remind yourself that “your excellence does not have to be maintained by defamation, doing so, and being so.”

The global economy is affected by the epidemic, and no country is immune. Local businesses are clenching their teeth and supporting them. We are fortunate and grateful to have a super invincible shopkeeper who always supports us in the first place. Rent reduction and rent-free, during the epidemic, we have no way to open the door. Doing business without economic pressure and uneasiness of income.

There are too many touches in my heart! Had to record.

PS*/ The coffee next door is delicious…this is true…




PS*/ 隔壁咖啡很好喝…….这是真的….

(Images/info via/courtesy of Ting Ee Sing Elvie)