Nasi Lemak now in Fortune Foodcourt Miri

Step into Fortune Foodcourt in Miri City and treat yourself a delightful journey with the latest Nasi Lemak featuring Nasi Pandan Sensasi.

They have variety of addons including Nasi Pandan Paha Rempah, Wing Rempah, Ayam Rendang, Ayam Kari, Daging Rendang, Daging Kari, Udang Sambal, Ikan Sambal, Sotong Sambal, and Seafood Sambal.

They’re now at Fortune Foodcourt and experience the ultimate satisfaction in every bite!

Address: 福源 Fortune Foodcourt
Lot 9711 & 9712, Ground Floor,
Assar Commercial Centre, Jalan Bypass,
(New Terminal Bas, Miri Sentral)