NaBeh! 念念不忘肉 Wee’s Generation Recipe now in Miri City!

Super delicious!  NaBeh!! Nyak ya. Wee’s Generation Recipe… “招安Smoked Pork”!! Mmmmm…好香啊!! Smell is awesome!!! NaBeh!! “NOW….Everyone can buy!!” Vacuum pack available for export..Hehe!! NOW….everyone can buy!! Hehehe.. 1kg RM60. 有兴趣要ON 1kg以上的可以联络 Chellister Wee NaBeh Khiong at Facebook!


Hello. 1kg cheap cheap Rm60 only, if u want terus pm Chellister Wee NaBeh Khiong @ FB, put your name and phone number lo.. need to queue up ho.

Walao eh! Mouth watering…

You should try this one.. sibeh shiok.. Someone bought 1kg.. the smoke taste is good..dip the sour and spicy sauce make the taste even better.

NaBeh!! “念念不忘肉” 白饭洗白白煮烧烧等哦!!

NaBeh!! 看到是不是流水咧。。每次service你们到爽爽。今晚到我自己service自己了!! 每次跟妳们做都是为了要满足你们。现在可以自己慢慢享受了!! 谁有需要的,不过又害羞可以直接PM Facebook @ Chellister Wee NaBeh Khiong。我会service你们到爽爽让你们念念不忘!!!