Must Try Yummy Pork Fried Rice in Pin How Food Centre Miri

It is another hidden gourmet in Miri City. The black pork fried rice is the signature dish to try here. Its meat is soft and the fat is very good. It is a perfect match. When you put it in your mouth, it’s as if you’re tasting a piece of fine jerky. The price is RM7.50. Remember to pair with their fried rice.

Another signature dish is XO rice noodles. When it is placed in front of your seat, its fragrance can stimulate your senses. It can be compared to another realm of rice noodles. The price is RM6.

又是一个卧虎藏龙的美食天地。它家的黑猪肉饭炒底可以比喻成人间美食,它的肉质柔软, 肥肉非常到位 简直是绝配。 当你把它放入口中 , 仿佛你在品尝着一片上等的肉干。 价钱是RM7. 50. 记着一定要配炒底。
另一个招牌菜是XO米粉,当它放在你的座面前时,它的香味可以刺激到你的五官。 可以比喻成米粉的另一种境界。价钱是RM6.
它们也有干面,炒煮,经济饭菜,鸡飯,猪脚饭,马来餐,laksa 等等。
它位于Piasau 工业区。Refer to Google Map link below.

They also have dry noodles, stir-fried dishes, economic meals, chicken rice, pork feet rice, malay meal, laksa and so on.

It is located in the industrial area of ​​Piasau. Refer to Google Map link below.

(Images via/courtesy of Victor Huong)