Moment BBQ Bar now in Miri City

Inadvertently discovered this “Moment BBQ Bar” next to a Taiwanese Restaurant opposite Imperial Mall Miri, the color of the plate by price is in the photo, you can refer to it yourself.

In the photo, we ordered a plate of rice + 2 cans of melon herbal tea, all together RM86. The service is very good, the boss will come over to help us to watch the fire and roast.

It is a good place to sit down and eat while chatting with friends.




美里的朋友拭目以待(朋友圈烤吧)地点在MS CLUB KTV同排之前的至尊KTV
5/5/2019 我们在(朋友圈烤吧)不见不散

014-8853377 (puhong)
014-8843366 (Jordan)
希望老铁们大大力分享 你们的分享就是我们的动力

(Images via/courtesy of HL Miky, Wai Wai, 文强)