Miri Public Park with Suspension Bridges Taman Awam Miri

Miri Public Park is a beautiful place to go, and is highly recommended for visitors too when you go to Miri.

Good family or fun amusement park. Has suspension bridges leading to towers looking out, fun dip pool, BBQ pits, jogging trails, gazebos, good food stalls and skating area.

The place is scenic with an abundance of flora and fruit trees with man made water fountains.

You can expect to either walk through the park with the suspension bridges, or walk around the garden when you come.

A nice place for family gathering, amenities include, bbp bowl, children’s playground & swimming pools, seafood restaurant, and mountain drawbridge. Often known as Miri Tower, Miri view can be seen from the top across.

That a good place to bring your kids. Walking on the long, tall, adventurous hanging bridge is an unforgettable experience, and there’s a clean playground with toilet there too. Guess what, everything is free!!! A place to visit.

Nice place for family recreation, with parking space and food stall. Good for Jogging at night or in the morning too.

(Images/info via/courtesy of Miri Public Park)