Miri Food & Exhibition Carnival is back to Miri City !

The Miri Food Carnival 2.0 will be held at the ground floor of the Miri Civil Center from July 13 (Friday) to July 22 (Sunday) from 4 pm to 11 pm.

This food carnival is an event that has been popular, working together with the Sarawak Tourist Board and the Miri Municipal Council.

This year’s Food Carnival is teamed up with Sarawak Pay to use the e-wallet payment system for promoting the digital economy. The site also enhances the use of consumer cards in the game area.

Please welcome to attend. Admission is free.



今年的吃货嘉年华和Sarawak pay配合使用電子錢包支付系統,配合推廣及提倡數碼經濟,現場也提升了游戲區域使用消費卡,進行充值与消費。



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