Mei Xiang Cafe Miri [美香楼]

Mei Xiang Cafe Miri [美香楼] with the red signboard has always jam-packed with customers during lunch time and especially at night. There was a reason behind, you can enjoy a low price restaurant food. Situated along the Jalan Jee Foh Utama Krokop near to a junction traffic light, this place has been known by many local Chinese people because of their cheap prices food which are great in taste, large portion and also good in value.

Fried pork with salt fish sprinkled with green onions 咸鱼炒猪肉

Oh well, it has many local delicacies like curry fish head, fried milin, roasted chicken, herbal chicken, fried pork (咸鱼炒猪肉) and other restaurant alike food that you can enjoy at a coffee shop price. Many people are actually queuing for it, however they do have a very fast service to serve your food on the table.

Herbal Chicken 中药纸包鸡
Pork 五花肉 with Milin, Bitter gourd served
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