Peter San Cafe [Hong Kong Style Dim Sum]

We were a bit hungry after shopping for the whole morning in the market, and ended up at Peter San Cafe at about 10.30 pm to have a light breakfast. It is small eating place serving Hong Kong style Dim Sum located at the Miri Waterfront area just behind the CIMB bank in Miri town.

Peter San Cafe Miri (Hong Kong Style Dim Sum Menu)
Let’s see what they have in their menu:

  • Ham Sui Kok
  • Char Siu Kok
  • Kai Giok
  • Hai Lo Yin
  • Lo Mai Gai
  • Hong Kong Porridge
  • Chi Cai Kin
  • Dong Gu Gai Fan
  • Pai Guat
  • Siu Mai
  • Ciu Zao Siu Mai
  • Bei Jing Mai
  • Pi Dan Mai
  • Xi Chuan Mai
  • Char Siu Pao
  • Nai Won Pao
  • Seong Hoi Jin Wo Tip
  • Chi Mai
  • Ji Si Kin
  • Fu Juk Kin
  • Ki Ji Mai
  • Kam Si Zha Fa Kao
  • Heong Sai Yin
  • Kolok Mee Special
  • Hong Kong Style Fried Rice
  • Hokkien Mee
Lo Mai Kai (糯米鸡)

We ordered their Lo Mai Kai priced at RM4.00. It comes with lots of char siu bits, a black shitake mushroom, soft chicken thigh meat and one slice of Chinese sausage. The portion was small but the ingredients used were generous. Not bad.

Mee Kolok Special

Besides Dim Sum, you will also find a number of side dishes here like noodles, porridge and fried rice. They only serve one type of kolok mee which is Kolok Mee Special at RM4.00. Nothing special on the taste of the kolok mee, the only thing to note is that you will see generous ingredients with slices of char siu, char siu bits, pork mince, fried garlic and green onion pieces sprinkled on top of the dried noodles.

According to my friend, their Hong Kong style Dim Sum and Hong Kong Porridge are two of the more popular choices among the customers for breakfast.

A Basket of Siu Mai for RM3 (烧卖)

Peter San Cafe
Hong Kong Style Dim Sum, Waterfront Commercial Centre, 98000 Miri, Sarawak.
Telephone : 6 085 – 413032
Business Hour : 7am – 4pm