Mee Tarik China Muslim now in Miri City

Exciting update for all foodies in Miri City! There’s a fantastic addition to Miri’s culinary list: Mee Tarik China Muslim.

This new food spot has an array of delectable options, perfect for any mee tarik you might have. Located conveniently opposite Fruit Valley Pelita Miri, you can easily satisfy your hunger cravings here with their signature beef noodle soup!

Whether you’re in the mood for some piping hot mee tarik or eager to explore other tantalizing dishes, this Muslim-friendly restaurant has something for everyone.

Try the flavours of China right here in Miri, at Mee Tarik Langzhou. Don’t miss out on this new foodie adventure!

(Opposite Fruit Valley Pelita Miri)

(Images: Ren Yabo, MCSC, Abdulaziz Al Fattah)