Mee Kolok Kuching now at Obscure Cafe Miri

Have eaten this mee kolok Kuching for two consecutive days. The texture of the noodle is QQ. I like this taste.

Not like the noodles in some places that are cooked until soft. I heard that the boss has been selling at the Miri City Food court for more than ten years. A few days ago, the boss has moved to the ‘Obscure Cafe Miri’. In addition to kolok mee, there are chicken feet noodles, fish noodles, sun noodles and so on.

連續兩天都吃了這家的幹面。面的口感Q而彈牙。我喜歡這樣的口感。不像有些地方的面煮到軟軟的。聽說老闆之前在Miri City Food court 賣了十多年。前幾天老闆已經搬去了無名之輩茶室。除了乾麵還有雞腳面、魚肉面、太陽面等等。


炒干面和马尼菜米粉 好吃

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(Images via/courtesy of Fenella Wong, Jessy Leo)