Delicious Huge Fried Chicken now at PUJUT CORNER Miri

OMG, came to PUJUT CORNER here to buy groceries. When I saw this fried chicken stall, I came to buy rm10. The chicken is a big one.

The owner said that she prepared it herself. . The taste is good and delicious. . It ’s almost like available from 10am every morning.

OMG, PUJUT CORNER 建兴这里买杂货,看到这一档炸鸡挡,跑来买了rm10鸡肉好大片,老板娘说都是她自己亲手砍的。。味道不错,好吃。。很像是每个早上10点左右就开挡了

(Images via/courtesy of Jane Koon)