McDonald’s First NEW Nasi McD is finally in Malaysia

Since McD Malaysia introducing the Nasi Lemak Burger, many are asking where’s my nasi in the Nasi Lemak Burger? So, that isn’t stopping McDonald’s Malaysia from introducing Nasi McD to local foodies in Malaysia. WoW! Also, this is the first time you can find rice menu in McDonald’s restaurant Malaysia.
The NEW Nasi McD is the reason why you can’t live without rice. Once you try it, you’ll love it. Simply satisfying!

We know you love rice and no meal is complete without it! Introducing the NEW Nasi McD – aromatic, cooked to perfection and always appetising.

The NEW Nasi McD. sambal, egg and lettuce. Certified halal. Simply satisfying.

Crunch of Ayam Goreng McD!

Orang Malaysia kalau tak pekena nasi sehari, tak sah. Cuba Nasi McD, lagi puas.

Special sambal sauce!

With the new Nasi McD, you can now get a satisfying rice fix at your favourite McDonald’s restaurant.

You can choose your menu to be:
A: NASI McD + Egg
C: NASI McD + Ayam Goreng McD
C: NASI McD + Ayam Goreng McD + Egg


Find your nearest McDonald’s Malaysia outlet to enjoy this Nasi McD now!

Even more satisfying when enjoyed with the crunch of McDonald’s famous Ayam Goreng McD™, special sambal, hard boiled egg, and fresh lettuce.

Jom! Let’s go. Share this to your friends. What are you waiting for?