Live Seafood at Dragon Seafood Restaurant Miri

Dragon Seafood Restaurant was founded in year 2004. A restaurant that serves seafood dinner as their main dishes. With a relaxed atmosphere next to the beach and serving quality of seafood, it is one of the finest live seafood restaurant in Miri City.

Live Seafood in aquariums of Dragon Seafood Restaurant
Dragon Seafood Restaurant Miri

The restaurant choose fresh materials to provide customers with the delicious dishes, lobster dishes is the specialty, and the most classy seafood such as crabs, Humpback Grouper, and other varieties of shellfish seafood are regularly available in their aquarium tanks.

Besides, VIP rooms, suitable for wedding, birthday or general party are available. Outdoor of the restaurant also has comfortable seats, can have a seaside scenery along the coast.

Address & Contact:
Dragon Seafood Restaurant ( Chinese & Sea Food )
Facebook Page.
Lot 7682, Bakam Road, 98000 Miri, Sarawak.
Telephone : 6 085 – 414189 | Fax : 6 085 – 413740