Lelapan Special now in Ming Cafe Miri Borneo

Exciting News at Ming Cafe Miri Borneo! Hey there, food enthusiasts! If you’re in Miri, you’re in for a treat. Ming Cafe is now serving up something special – the Lelapan Special!

Ming Cafe is the go-to spot for delicious eats. Try their mouthwatering Mingcafe hot plate pork sisig or cool down with a refreshing cocktail jug. And that’s not all – they’ve got the 1602 Sarawak Craft beer waiting for you.

Gather your friends and head over to Ming Cafe for a delightful dining experience. Cheers to good food and good times!

Ming Cafe Miri Borneo
Cr JIn North Yu Seng (JIn Merbau),
98000 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia.
(Images: Ming Cafe Miri Borneo)