Kyuzu Ramen in Miri City

If you like Ramen, then this place is called Kyuzu Ramen is a must visit in Miri City.

It’s now at Sin Siang Hai Ramen Kitchen Operating Hour :
1130am – 2pm
530pm – 930pm

Old House Ramen Stall Operating Hour :
530pm – 915pm
(Monday Offday)


Kyuzu Ramen
83, Jalan Krokop 10A,, 98000 Miri, Sarawak.
016-878 9378

Kyuzu Ramen will be serving donburi (丼) now also!
Only 15 portions each session(lunch & dinner).
Please allow us to have some minutes to prepare your don.

Menu as below:
Unagi Don
Fish Tempura Don
Teriyaki Oyakodon

Good food takes time to prepare, just like ramen.

(Images via/courtesy of Ting Kee Hong, Kyuzu Ramen)