Kueh Tiaw Stall Under the Big Tree at Pelita Miri

My favorite open air stall kueh tiaw turned out to be here at Pelita Miri!! It’s the Open Air Market Stall 21, early old time favourite taste stir fried kueh tiaw of third generation stall owner.

With a lot of memories, the taste is still the same like before.

Location: Under the big tree of Pelita, opposite a shop making signboard.
Time: 5.30pm-9.30pm

因为我最爱的open air stall no. 21 kueh tiaw 竟然有开晚上了!! Open Air Market 21号挡 古早味炒粿条 第三代传人 不变的味道 从小吃到大 很多回忆的味道 加大 加荷包蛋
地点: Pelita大树下, 美化做招牌的对面
时间: 5.30pm-9.30pm

(Images via/courtesy of Yong Chee Lim, Candy Chong)