Izara Homestay & Cafe De Aish 1 in Sibuti Miri

Discover the beauty of Sibuti at Izara Homestay & Cafe, an inviting fishing village retreat. Stay in the cozy De Aish 1 triangular house with amenities like a mini fridge, Netflix-ready TV, fan, portable AC, prayer mat, water dispenser, water heater, and shower. Perfect for small families at RM150 per night.

For inquiries or reservations:
016 8097925 (Faziera)
014 6866759 (Amir)
011 33854599 (Eman)

Enjoy family activities in Sibuti:
1. BBQ (halal only)
2. Beach fun
3. Sunset views
4. River/sea fishing
5. Family day
6. Camping/Picnicking
7. Explore attractions like Niah Cave, Bekenu, Bungai Beach, Tusan
8. Boat rides
9. Experience village life
10. Plus more!

Cafe services are also available for meal reservations. Book now for a serene and delightful village experience.

Izara Homestay & Cafe, Kuala Sibuti, Miri.