Hokkien mee from Tian Ho Cafe Pujut Miri

Hokkien mee (福建面) is a popular Hokkien (Fujian) style noodles usually cooked and served with prawns in Southeast Asian countries. Look at the thickness of the noodles, that’s so different from the size of normal noodles. In Miri, at Pujut 1 area (along the road of Padang Kerbau Miri), you can find a special Hokkien mee at Tian Ho Cafe Pujut Miri [添和]. The way they cooked are totally not the same way, but using fried pork keropok, pork slices, steamboat veggies, and sotong. The tapao (take away) Hokkien Mee here priced at Rm4.50 per package. Many locals said it is the best Hokkien Mee in town!

Hokkien mee (福建面)

Refer here for the map to the eating place.