Handmade Pan Mee at Happiness Cafe (乐园茶室)

A coffee shop next to Hong Leong Bank(previously EON Bank) located at Boulevard Commercial Centre Miri called Happiness Cafe(乐园茶室) famous with their handmade noodles Pan mee (板面). We found a hand rolling noodles machine in the coffee shop producing the fresh ban mee instantly. Basically, this coffee shop is always full house every morning and during lunch time. So of course if you come here, you can see that many people are eating their signature dish, the class type of pan mee, their portion is really generous- large.

The pan mee is topping with mince meat, fried ikan billis, green veggie, and black Chinese fungus or mushroom(黑木耳). The black Chinese fungus is believed in the potential to reduce aortic atherosclerotic plaque and cholesterol. You get what I am talking here? The price is around RM3.50 to RM4.00 per bowl. Adding up the chili sauce into it, perfect breakfast.