Greatest Mee Jawa Special at Kornia’s Recipe Miri

Kornia’s Recipe Miri has a Mee Jawa Special which is a tasty and delightful dish. Satay is included, as well as more beef on the side. If you’re in Miri, you must try it! It’ll be well worth it!

Every time I visit, I have the Mee Jawa Special, which is a must-try dish. With beef, chicken wings, and Satay.

The Mee Jawa there is incredibly excellent, and the soup is really thick, making it one of Miri’s greatest Mee Jawa!

Kornia’s Recipe Miri
Location 1: Desa Pujut 2, nearby Public Furniture, Permy Miri.
Location 2: Marina Square Miri, nearby Shinju Shabu

(Images: Jes Jesica, Razak Rambili, Dayang Najmina)