Great Breakfast at 2020 Cafe Pelita Miri

This is a popular place to have breakfast especially for the Chinese people in Miri, known as 2020 Cafe Miri. A very recommended eating place to have dim sum situated at Pelita Commercial centre.

Dimsum 2020 Cafe Pelita Miri

Just to let you know that, this Cafe is jam packed all the time espcially during weekend. Customers hardly can find for a seat, but also not easy to find a parking place during peak hours in the morning and lunch time.

The location address:
2020 Cafe
Lot 557 & 558,
Pelita Commercial Centre,
Jalan Pujut-Miri,
98000 Miri,

Cheong Fun at 2020 Cafe Miri

There are many series of Chinese Dim Sum over there, like dumplings, siu mai, Yam basket, cheong fun, etc, all served fresh and hot. Apart from Dim Sum will find laksa, claypot, and mee kolok.

Mee Kolok 2020

Their highted food is called mee kolok 2020, which are dried noodles with slices of fish cakes & char siu, marinated minced pork and few pieces of steamed vegetables.