Going to Lambir Hills National Park Miri

If you are up to it, walk the longest and toughest trail to the top of Bukit Lambir (465 metres) with its superb views of the rainforest below. A 22 metres high tree tower gives you a close-up view of the lush life of the rainforest canopy, especially its birds.

Lambir Hills National Park Miri

Waterfalls cascade from the Lambir Hills, forming pools that are pleasant places to bathe after a hot trek. Photography credits: sarawaktourism.

Life positively abounds in Sarawak and nowhere more than the Lambir Hills, which scientists recognize as the world’s most ecologically diverse area. When they sampled just 52 hectares of the park’s 7,000 hectares, they found 1,050 different species of tree, each supporting 1,200 species of insect life.

Visit the park and you may just find one of the many plant and insect species that ecologist think exist in Lambir, but which they have not yet discovered. You may also see gibbons, tarsiers, bearded pigs, flying squirrels, deer and 157 types of bird as you wander the trails of this fascinating forest.

With all its attractions, this ecological wonderland is easily accessible. Just a 30-minute drive from Miri, Sarawak‘s second largest city, it is orient the most accessible of Sarawak’s national parks. This makes it ideal for a day visit but overnight accommodation at the park headquarters gives you time to study the wildlife at leisure.

Locality: Miri Division
Area: 6,952 ha
Year gazetted: 1975
Park Tel: (+6) 085 491030