Fruit Desserts in Xiang Xiang Bakery Miri

Even though ice fruit desserts are hardly find in Miri, come to a small bakery shop beside a primary school in Krokop (SJK (c) Chung Hua Krokop Miri) you will find. They are obviously a lot better than what other local dessert shops could make. The fruit desserts come with lots of local fruits in a bowl topping with a scope of ice cream and with some milk added, for only RM5! Just hope they will maintain the standards and ensure the desserts taste as good as before.

Iced Fruits (papaya, dragon fruit, longan)

This bakery shop also sell cendol, rojak, and a bun called 菠萝包 (Polo Bun) which hardly needs any further introduction if you were from Hong Kong. Surely you must have seen and eaten it before if you have been to Hong Kong. You haven’t? Well, just head to Xiang Xiang Bakery today.

Xiang Xiang Bakery
Lot 760, Block 5,
MCLD Krokop Road,
Krokop 98000, Miri Sarawak.
Telephone : 6 016 8746040

Xiang Xiang Bakery Miri