Fresh Rice Dumplings now in Miri City

Miri people can now enjoy authentic fresh dumplings as the dumpling festival is around the corner.

Fresh meat dumplings open for reservation.
1. Mushroom meat dumplings (Rm3)
2. Minced meat dumplings with mushrooms (Rm3)
3. Salted egg sausage and mushroom meat dumplings (Rm4.5)
4. Red bean dumplings (Rm2)
5. Lye rice dumplings (Rm1)-5 grains of Rm6 to free coconut sugar
6. Long Dumplings (Rm10)

Get above Rm20 and deliver it to your home (Senadin-Taman Tunku only)

购买Rm20以上包送到家 (只限Senadin-东姑村)

咸蛋腊肠香菇肉粽 (Rm4.5)
红豆粽 (Rm2)
碱水粽 (Rm1)-5粒Rm6送椰糖
长形粽 (Rm10)

(Interested can PM Ys Chong at FB)