Father’s Day Cakes now in Paris Levain Bakery & Cafe Miri

Gentleman Papa, Awesome Dad and Best Dad Ever theme’s cakes now in Paris Levain Bakery & Cafe Miri! I have an AWESOME DAD, sometime he would be a friend, a counsellor, father figure and also true GENTLEMAN. He nurtures, raising us and give all his love without any payback, he is BEST DAD EVER. Come and grab a cake to surprise him and tell him u love him.

我有个‘神奇爸爸’, 他不仅仅是个爸爸, 有时是我们的朋友,开导师 更是一个‘绅士’ 谢谢他不计一切的养育我们,给了我们满满的‘父爱’。趁着父亲节挑个蛋糕来表示你不敢说出口的感谢吧。我爱您,爸爸!

Address: Paris Levain Bakery & Cafe
Lot 3540,Lot3541, Al-Bayt Square,Block 5(101 Commercial Centre)Jalan Pujut Miri
Miri, Sarawak 98000