Adagio Bistro – New Place for Pizza in Miri City!

Look at the 2 food items in the photo! This restaurant is found in Miri. See 50% of all foods (Next further notice) YES All foods (Pasta & Pizza)!!!  Sure enough, the food did not disappoint us.

Smoked salmon Pizza- Good to eat
Meat Lover Pizza- Cheese
Penne Carbonara- Cheese also has a lot of thick sauce I like this
Spaghetti Marinara- This is okay. However, the boss will take the initiative to ask and accept our opinions so I have told them that the dish needs to be improved.
Also, the receptionists are also very friendly! Oh forget that they will send us garlic bread before the food is delivered! According to the boss, there will be Western and Chinese food (Fusion) in the future!

Adagio Bistro Next to Apollo Seafood, Residence 21 Boutique Inn is just next door.
Reservation 017-6026420
Current business hours are 6pm-1030pm, last order is 10pm

这间餐厅是在美里美食Mall里找到的。看到说全部食物50% (Until further notice) YES 全部食物(意大利面 & Pizza )!!! 然后就跑来了!果然食物都没有让我们失望。点了:

Smoked salmon Pizza- 不错吃
Meat Lover Pizza- Cheese 多多肉也多好喜欢
Penne Carbonara- Cheese 也多多浓浓的酱料我喜欢这个
Spaghetti Marinara- 这个还行罢了。不过老板很好会主动询问和接受我们的意见所以有告知他们说这道菜有待进步。

重点,招待员们也都很友善!哦忘了,在食物送上之前既然还会送上我们 garlic bread! 据老板说,以后还会有西餐和中餐 (Fusion)!
Tips: Pizza 现做的所以可以先打电话预定哦!

Adagio Bistro 在新联附近Apollo Seafood 后面,Residence 21 Boutique Inn 隔壁罢了
预订 017-6026420
目前营业时间 6pm-1030pm, 最后点餐时间是 10pm

(Images via/courtesy of Garfield Quek)