Expensive Luxury Super Cars Found in Miri City

The admin of Official Miri Supercars Wanted Page would like to share with us and also to enjoy the expensive branded super cars photography in Miri, Sarawak right now. Through this MSW page, everyone can share their personal super cars shooting with the fans.

Luxury Super Cars Photos in Miri City

Currently, super cars spotted in Miri City including Yellow Novitec Ferrari 430, Grey Lamborghini Gallardo, Matte Blue Lamborghini Aventador DMC Molto Veloce LP700-4, White Porsche Cayman S, Black Nissan GTR-35, Black Audi TT, White Bentley Continental GT, White BMW Z4, and more to be found next.

MSW admins would like to thanks for all your support and really appreciate it. The MSW page is still growing and hoping to make this page be more famous and popular.