Doki Doki Japanese Store now in Miri City

A good selection of pre-loved Japanese goods. From furniture to tableware to toys. They have cute garden tools and they do sell tools too.

If you are a fan of anime or mangga, you are probably familiar with the word “Doki-doki”. It means to feel your heart beat or a feeling of excitement , literally, we wish customers could find the products they really like and be excited of having them.


We sell all high quality used products from Japan. You could find literally anything here from toys to furnitures and some limited editions.

There’s way more treasures and unique products awaiting for their future owners. Visit Doki-Doki in Permyjaya, Miri and get doki-doki.

Location: beside Permy Casamia Bakery Cafe
Operating hours: 9am-8pm
H/P No: 0178589302


(Images via/courtesy of Doki-Doki)