Coconut Tiger Prawn Noodles found in Tanjung Seafood Restaurant Miri

This Coconut Tiger Prawn Noodle is the latest hunt in Miri City. The prawns are served inside a coconut and cooked with coconut juice! The current price at RM 35 per bowl which is worth eating as you will find two huge tiger prawns inside the coconut. For those who love hot and sour food (tomyam), can come to Tanjung Seafood Restaurant in Miri City to try it. You can choose to add either noodles or bihun for your choice. Many said the soup inside the coconut has a great taste. Wow!

爱吃酸辣的朋友们可以去丹绒海鲜楼吃 椰子虾 一粒才RM35 值得吃里面有放两只老虎虾 要加面或米粉都可以

(images via Swee Khiong Yong‎)

The restaurant is just situated beside Tanjong Lobang Roundabout Miri, opposite Bay Resort Condominium Miri. Coconut with huge tiger prawns. Really worth it. Sounds very delicious! What are you waiting for?

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