Tom Yam Coconut Prawn now in Miri City

Tom Yam Coconut Prawn is now available in Miri City! Hey there! Come try the newly opened Pujut branch at aBui Kopitiam. They serve Tom Yam Coconut Prawn here, and it’s really delicious.

No need to travel far for it; while the distant places might be great, this place can definitely satisfy your cravings with fresh juicy prawns. You can also try their Yellow Wine Prawn, which are also tasty. They have the aroma, but you can ask for extra yellow wine next time if you like it stronger. Perfect for those who aren’t big drinkers.

Address: aBui Kopitiam
Lot 2250, Pujut 6, Jalan Firuz, Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia

(Images: Chellister Wee NaBeh Khiong, aBui Kopitiam)