Chua Cafe Mix and Match Menu now in Miri City

Chua Cafe ! Food is really nice! They have the mix and match menu on roasted pork, roasted duck and charsiu with noodle or rice. Meat is very juicy and succulent.

今天就来个双拼 开始今天美好的一天

Highly recommended. You will definitely come back to try again.

蔡记新品猪脚醋 & 虾酱鸡翅
猪脚醋又称鸡蛋猪脚姜醋或者姜醋 适合一家老小吃还有虾酱鸡翅是本店独有的美食 脆脆带虾酱的香味 各位不妨试试看 就知道多美味

Chua Cafe triple coarse, the mix of 3 types meat 三拼是综合了三种口味的美味肉 大家要多支持本店哦 好吃的只在蔡记Chuacafe

Address: Chua Cafe 蔡记烧腊
Lot 2015, Marina Bay Parkcity, 98000 Miri, Sarawak.
085-326 811

(Images via/courtesy of Chua Cafe 蔡记烧腊)