Cheong Kee Siew Pow now at Yakin Commercial Centre Miri

I vaguely remember the name of this store, and I have not visited it for a long time. It’s called Cheong Kee Siew Pow 祥记烧包.

Before I remember, they opened next door to Krokop Primary School. Because it was difficult to find a parking space, I have not been there for a long time.

Now they are coming to Yakin Commercial, at the shoplot corners. Today I tried a siew pow, char siew pow, siew mai, a polo bun, and a bowl of laksa.

This time, they not only sell breads. There are not many booths in the store currently. Apart from selling the buns, there are only two other ones. However, the two stalls sold a lot of food.

Today I tried laksa, it is very difficult to find the laksa I like. I ordered RM8 (large). There are many other foods such as chicken rice, Bazhen Mee Sua, red wine chicken Mee Sua, Zao Chai Fen Gan, fried Zao Chai Lao Su Fen, and so on.

The crust of the siew pow is crunchy and with a full char siew filling. Their siew mai is also my favorite.

As for the steamed bun, the store has also made the one with my personal favorite taste. Suitable for individuals that don’t like to eat the kind of bun which will stick to their teeth easily.

Their polo bun is also very recommended. If possible, try not to tapao their polo buns. Be sure to eat them freshly made over there. In this way, you can eat to feel the crispy skin. Moreover, they also have a polo bun with char siu filling.

Cheong Kee Siew Pow 祥记烧包
Opening hours: starting at 7am






祥记烧包 Cheong Kee Siew Pow
Address: Lot 2126, Ground Floor, Block 5 MCLD Jalan Yakin, 98000 Miri.
(Images via/courtesy of Johnny Ting, 美里 祥记烧包)