Char Koay Teow Special at Aliff Delicious Krokop Miri

Char Koay Teow Special RM 7 found in Miri City. Now at Aliff Delicious behind chan furniture, Krokop.

A pretty decent char kueh tiao, you get sea-ham and prawns for only RM 7! Not many know this place like a hidden gem locals will visit very often.

朋友介绍的炒湿粿条,小编叫的是special 的,酱汁是特别的味道,蛮大盘的,里面还有3个虾和一些西蛤,不是很新鲜,不过算好吃的


Behind Chan furniture, Krokop Miri.

(Images/info via/courtesy of lovemirifood)

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