Cantonese Porridge Stall in Miri

Have you eaten yet? Found a new porridge stall opened in MIRI! Fancy a light breakfast or a warm bowl of porridge on rainy days.

“First sip hot, second sip cooked, third sip brings luck.”

“Cantonese fresh porridge” is smooth and dense, with a unique rice fragrance and freshness. Heard the boss uses fresh ingredients to cook the porridge.

Currently they have fresh fish slices/pork/chicken porridges. Personally, prefer fish slice porridge + century egg/salted egg. You can taste the freshness of the fish used by the boss. Paired with the bursting and dense porridge base, it’s truly delicious.

Address updates: 粒滚利【广东顺德生滚粥】
They have moved from 興園XinYuan Food Court to Krokop 5 粿条汤!

(Images: Dior Lin, Clarence Voon)