Beautiful Miri Blossoms by Famous Photographers in Miri City

Recently, the Tecoma blossoms have returned, and Mirians are seizing the opportunity before they vanish with the wind once more.

The lovely blooms have become a draw for both inhabitants and visitors to the city, who go to parks and roadside views to admire them but limited due to MCO. So, thank you to the photographers who were able to capture the entire view for the people of Miri to witness by using drone.

(Images: Jackson Yong)

Drone Shoot Sakura Blossom in Miri
(Images: Nicholas Lee)

Local Sakura trees (Tecoma tree)
(Images: Nicholas Lee)

Miri Local Sakura from different perspective
(Images: Chang Le Yung)

So, beautiful. Thanks to all the photographers sharing these beautiful moments with people.