Baskin Robbins Ice-cream now in New World Mart Miri

New World Mart Miri now has a lot of imported ice cream, so if you miss ice cream from other countries, just visit to take some home.

The famous Baskin Robbins Ice-cream is also available to take home now.

So many imported ice creams.

Malaysia’s weather is becoming increasingly hot. Many people use the excessive heat as an opportunity to indulge in a chilly treat like ice cream.

Can’t wait to try.

When it comes to ice cream, Malaysians are spoiled for choice. We have access to a wide variety of premium ice cream, including imported brands such as Haagen Dazs (Nestle), Magnum (Unilever), Kapiti and Tip Top from New Zealand, Bulla from Australia, Ben and Jerry’s from the United States, and Yukimi Daifuku from Japan, as well as a new Japanese-owned Malaysian made “iNatural.”