56 Units LiteView Four.4 Apartments by Homelite Miri

56 units of apartments with the combination of swimming pools, playgrounds and water ponds, cascading on the natural terrain is dedicated to fun, entertainment and workouts for the whole family within a Central Park.

Homelite Apartment LiteView 4 cover

Breath-Taking View
Relaxing on a sheltered plateau. Lite View 4 is a naturally accorded breath-taking view. The scenic water features at the central park conspire to create alluring vistas for your admiration.

Safety and Security
Strategically located along the coastal highway, peace of mind and serenity can be found in this asylum of Lite View 4. Protected by the 24 hour manned guard house and CCTV, you are shielded from unwelcome hassle whilst savoring your living, gathering along the poolside or just lounging around in the afternoon sun.

Facilities Provided
The Pool side gym invigorates the body as you take in picturesque views of the gardens and cascading pools. Flows of water generate harmonic orchestra to bring peacefulness into your daily life.

LiteView 4 Apartment by Homelite Miri

LiteView 4 Apartments has 6 types of Floor plan:

LiteView 4 Miri Apartment Type A Floorplan LiteView 4 Miri Apartment Type B Floorplan LiteView 4 Miri Apartment Type C Floorplan

LiteView 4 Miri Apartment Type D Floorplan LiteView 4 Miri Apartment Type E Floorplan LiteView 4 Miri Apartment Type F Floorplan


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LOCATION MAP of LiteView 4 Apartments in Miri:

Liteview 4 location map

Developer contact:
Lot 10633, Airport Commercial Centre, Jalan Homelite, Off Jalan Airport, 98000 Miri, Sarawak.
Tel: 085-680555 (Hunting Line), Fax: 085-613775